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Scots Covenanters
There is a compelling thrill about the sight of a Scottish Government army drawn up for battle. Dour-faced hardmen from the lowlands of Scotland drawn up in their trademark Hodden Grey uniforms, topped with their distinctive blue-knitted bonnets, the Covenanters fought hard in many bloody battles of the civil wars.
  • 36 multi-part plastic miniatures: 24 Musketeers, 12 Pikemen
  • Captain, Ensign, Sergeant & Musician and enough bonnets to equip the entire unit.
  • Plastic Bases
  • Background & Painting Guide & 8 Full Colour Flags, New & Battleworn
Item code: WGP-04 RRP £22.50, Our Price £20.25

Scot Lancers

Scotland's Covenanter armies fought hard in all of the three civil wars in the British Isles and, indeed, on the Continent as mercenaries for various Protestant states and Kings. The Covenant armies were well-equipped and well-paid – unusual for the times. However, they suffered from a lack of good quality cavalry horses.
Formed into smaller troops than their English counterparts, the Scottish cavalry battled hard against superior numbers and quality of horse. To make up for their deficiencies in horseflesh they liberally equipped themselves with pistols, sticking them in sashes and boot-tops to fire them at their foe in close quarters.
Where pistols and carbines were lacking, they gave their front ranks wicked looking lances, similar to the feared Border Reiver light spears, which would certainly intimidate their foes and make cornered infantry tremble.
Warlord Games’ Scottish cavalry enable you tofield Leslie's horse at Marston Moor, the feared Gordon horse ofMontrose, or even represent the wild Moss Troopers who prowled theScottish countryside.
This boxed set contains 12 metal & plastic Scots Lancers, including 3 command models and a full-colour leaflet with banners.
Item code: WGP-08 RRP £22.00, Our Price £19.80
Scots Frame Gun with Mule
Contains 3 metal gunners, 1 metal mule and metal artillery piece.

Item code: WGR-SFR-02 RRP £12.00, Our Price £10.80